Dispenses single cells into 96-well plate in 1 minute.

Capable of capturing 1 in 1 million cells in 5 minutes.

Namocell has combined the benefits of three key technologies: flow cytometry, microfluidics and liquid dispensing. The combination of these techniques is unique and enables users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step, providing fast, efficient and gentle isolation of single cells.

Namo and Hana Single Cell Dispensers are capable of isolating single cells in a high throughput manner that is still gentle on cells so that they can maintain their viability. It is easy to operate and requires no prior experience or training with flow cytometry.

Namocell’s microfluidic cell cartridges ensure that there is no sample-to-sample cross contamination and keep the sample sterile. Cartridges that contain the sample material can be swapped out so there is no need for cleaning process.

Namocell single cell dispenser vs. traditional cell sorters

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers Traditional Cell Sorters
Pressure Less than 2 psi 20-70 psi
Initialization time 2 min 45 min
Processing speed 2 – 4,000 cells/s 2,000 – 20,000 cells/s
Channels 2 or 3 16
Minimum cells 100 200,000
Droplet size 1 uL 0.001-0.005 uL
Sheath 15 mL/hr 1-2 L/hr
Sterile sorting Easy Difficult
96-well sorting Standard Optional
System clogging No Yes
Price $ $$$$


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