Stanford University and Namocell Collaborate to Study Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)

Mountain View, Calif., (October 13, 2016)  – Namocell announced today a collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine on circulating tumor cell (CTC) research. The collaboration focuses around work being done in the laboratory of Dr. Stefanie Jeffrey, John and Marva Warnock Professor and Chief of Surgical Oncology Research, Stanford University. Professor Jeffrey’s lab will utilize Namocell’s Namo Single Cell Dispenser to identify and isolate individual CTCs for cellular studies and downstream molecular analyses.

CTCs are cancer cells released from primary tumors or metastatic sites into the bloodstream. They are shown to contribute to cancer metastasis in carcinomas such as breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, and pancreatic cancer. CTCs represent an informative probe into the cancer itself without invasive biopsy because they provide a snapshot of the current state of cancer in the patient. Much of CTC biology and their involvement in cancer progression are still under investigation. Dr. Jeffrey’s lab has been a pioneer in the capture and molecular profiling of CTCs, describing CTC heterogeneity even within a single blood draw. Such findings could potentially impact drug selection for cancer patients, as different cancer cells may be sensitive or resistant to different drugs.

Namocell will work with Dr. Jeffrey and her team to isolate CTCs from cancer patient blood samples as well as from models generated from patients’ tumors. Its Namo Single Cell Dispenser provides a simple and user-friendly platform to sort and capture each individual cell.

“We are excited to collaborate with Dr. Jeffrey and her team at Stanford on their cutting-edge CTC research.” said Dr. Junyu Lin, CEO of Namocell. “We have developed patented microfluidic technology to sort and capture each individual cell to enable the study of individual CTCs in great depth and with ease. Our Namo Single Cell Dispenser complements the CTC isolation platforms that Dr. Jeffrey’s lab has invented or tested and can be readily adapted into the workflow of other technologies the lab uses to investigate CTC behavior and cancer treatment response.”

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