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Single Cell Genomics

Single cell genomics have revolutionized the study of cellular heterogeneity. New tools including single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) help identify and define various cell subtypes. Single cell RNA-seq can be performed by plate-based or droplet-based method.

Droplet-based RNA-seq (such as 10x Genomics’ Chromium system) can process more cells per assay than plate-based method, but only analyze 3’ UTR and capture about 1,000 genes per cell. Therefore, it cannot capture rare or low-expressing genes.
Plate-based RNA-seq can cover the whole transcription and capture more than 10,000 genes per cell. Traditional FACS single cell sorting method is harsh to the cells and affects cell integrity, resulting in gene expression changes and stress response. Namocell Single Cell Dispensers dramatically improve plate-based single cell RNA-seq.

Following tissue dissociation, single cells can be easily isolated by loading a single cell suspension into the proprietary microfluidic cartridge and dispensed with Namocell Single Cell Dispensers into a 96-well or 384-well plate pre-loaded with lysis buffer. Following single cell isolation, cells are ready for multiple downstream genomic applications including single cell RNA-seq.

Namocell Benefits

  • Gentle sorting (less than 2 psi) preserves cell integrity

  • Dispense single cells into 96-well plate in 1 min, 384-well plate in 6 min

  • Easily isolate rare cells (< 1% of population)
  • Easy-to-use, no need for in-house technical expert

  • Cell density can range from 100 cells to 150M cells/mL
  • Reduce reaction volume, cut reagent costs by 90%

Namocell Dispensing Efficiency

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers are highly efficient and consistent at dispensing single cells (80-90% with mammalian cells)

Namocell vs. FACS

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