Single Cell Dispensers

  • Dispense single cells into 96-well plate in 1 min or 384-well plate in 6 min
  • Low pressure (<2 psi) preserves cell viability and integrity
  • Sort and dispense cells based on fluorescence or light scatter
  • Compatible with cell lines, primary cells, nuclei, bacteria, yeast and more
  • Starting sample can be as low as 100 cells
  • Isolate rare cell populations <0.1%
  • No clogging, no cross-contamination, zero maintenance

The Namocell Single Cell Dispensers make single cell isolation and sorting fast and easy. These benchtop instruments use proprietary microfluidics technology that combines flow cytometry and liquid dispensing to sort and dispense single cells directly into 96-well or 384-well plate. It simplifies and empowers a number of single cell applications, including cell line development and engineering, single cell genomics, iPSC and CRISPR cloning, antibody discovery, synthetic biology, and rare cell isolation such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating fetal cells. It is affordable, user-friendly, requires no special training to operate, and zero maintenance.


Fluorescence-based sorting

Laser wavelength: 488 nm
Detection channels: FL1 533 nm (FITC/GFP)
FL2 585 nm (PE/PI)
FL3 676 nm (PerCP)

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Light-scatter and fluorescence based sorting

Laser wavelength: 488 nm
Detection channels: SSC + FSC
FL1 533 nm (FITC/GFP)
FL2 585 nm (PE/PI)

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  • Single cell dispensing in 1
    min/96-well plate, and
    6 min/384-well plate
  • 2 min system initialization


  • Low pressure preserves cell viability and integrity


  • Sample density can range from 100 cells/mL to 150M cells/mL
  • Sort cells in culture media


  • Automated initialization and shutdown routines
  • Zero maintenance
  • As simple as a plate reader


  • Benchtop, lightweight
  • Fits inside cell culture hood


  • Low cost of ownership

Namocell vs. Traditional Cell Sorters

 Namocell Traditional Cell Sorters
Pressure Less than 2 psi 20-70 psi
Initialization time 2 min 45 min
Channels 2 or 3 16
Minimum cells 100 200,000
Droplet size 1 uL 0.001-0.005 uL
Sheath 18 mL/hr 1-2 L/hr
Sterile sorting Easy Difficult
96-well sorting Standard Optional
System clogging No Yes
Price $ $$$$

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