Bulk and Single Cell Sorting Made Fast and Easy With Pala

The Pala Single Cell Dispenser is your benchtop analytical partner for single cell sorting. No matter what cell type you are working with, get single cells dispensed directly into your 96- or 384-well plates, all under 7 minutes! 

By combining proprietary microfluidics, flow cytometry, and liquid dispensing technologies, this benchtop single cell sorter automates and simplifies single cell isolation across  various applications – cell line development, cell engineering, single cell genomics, monoclonal antibody development, synthetic biology, and rare cell isolation such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating fetal cells (CFCs).

The Pala Single Cell Dispenser is affordable, easy-to-use, zero maintenance, and requires no special training to operate!

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How Can Pala Help My Cell Sorting Workflows?

The Namocell Hana and Pala Single Cell Sorters drastically reduce overhead time, achieving single cell isolation in as little as 7 minutes.

It’s time consuming to set up and use FACS for my sorting. How does set up time for the Pala Cell Sorter compare to traditional FACS?

Preparing and maintaining the instrument before and after the actual experiment—also known as overhead time—is the Achilles heel of many standard analytical instruments. The Pala Single Cell Dispenser drastically reduces overhead time, letting you go from initializing the instrument to achieving single cell isolation in as little as 7 minutes. This is in contrast to conventional FACS systems, which take over an hour to operate and provide results. 

Chart comparing FACs and Namocell demonstrates how gentle cell sorting with Namocell single cell dispensers yields more viable cells.

FACS and limited dilution often yield few viable cells. Can the Pala Single and Bulk Cell Sorter help me achieve healthy cells after sorting?

You can rest assured that the cells you get from the Pala system will be intact, healthy, and viable. The Pala system is gentle and uses very low pressure (<2 psi) for cell sorting, in contrast to high pressures (30-70 psi) typically used by conventional FACS sorters. The figure on the left shows a comparison of cellular stress response to pressures from FACS and Pala. Cells sorted with a FACS instrument showed induction of cellular stress response genes such as Ubiquitin C (Ubc), likely owing to high-pressure sorting conditions, while cells sorted on the Pala system showed much lower expression of these genes.

 The Pala single cell dispenser is a compact, benchtop cell sorter which can easily fit into your tissue culture hood for sterile single cell sorting.

Having to sort my prepared cells in a different lab complicates my experimental procedure and adds uncertainty to the outcome.

Pala is a compact, benchtop system which can easily fit into your tissue culture hood for sterile sorting. You can prepare your cells and easily isolate them in the same workstation!

Pala and other single cell sorters from Namocell utilize disposable microfluidic cell cartridges specifically designed for sterile single cell isolation.

The cell sorting step that happens on a FACS sorter exposes my cells to contamination risks. How does the Pala cell sorter mitigate contamination risk in my lab?

Pala and other single cell sorters from Namocell utilize disposable microfluidic cell cartridges. Specifically designed for sterile isolation, each cartridge is a closed system, preventing cross contamination and aerosol formation. 

o The Pala single cell sorting system is automated and easy-to-use and streamlines many of the steps required for traditional single cell sorters.

I am concerned about learning how to use a complex instrument.

The Pala system is automated and easy-to-use. It streamlines many of the steps required for traditional single cell sorters, therefore it doesn’t require any extensive training or specialized expertise. Anyone can run it!

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