Namocell Expands to Singapore Market with SingLab Distribution

Mountain View, Calif., (May 17, 2021) – Namocell Inc., a leading provider of high-performance single cell sorting and dispensing platforms, today announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with SingLab Technologies to distribute Namocell’s single cell isolation systems in Singapore.

“There has been increasing demand for our Single Cell Dispenser systems in the Southeast Asia market,” said Namocell CEO Dr. Junyu Lin. “SingLab is a leading distributor of bioscience products in Singapore. Its strong technical expertise in cell-based R&D products and excellent customer service capabilities make them a great partner. We are excited to work with SingLab in bringing our single cell isolation technology to the Singapore market.”

“We look forward to bringing Namocell’s innovative single cell isolation systems to the scientific community in Singapore to empower single cell research and enable new possibilities in cell biology,” said SingLab CEO Michael Choi. “Advances in cell biology have created a new era of cell-based research and therapeutics. At the core of these developments is the urgent need for fast and gentle single cell isolation technologies. Namocell’s unique sterile microfluidic cell cartridge-based instruments are the fastest way to select and gently dispense single cells into micro-plates. The benchtop low-pressure Single Cell Dispensers are designed to protect the viability and integrity of isolated cells for a wide range of downstream applications, including – cell culture and clonal expansion, cell line engineering, single cell genomics, CRISPR and iPSC cloning, antibody discovery, rare cell isolation, single cell mass spec and synthetic biology.”

About Namocell Inc.

Namocell is a leading provider of innovative single cell sorting and dispensing platforms to empower single cell research and therapeutics development.  Namocell’s single cell dispensers are the fastest and easiest way to identify and isolate single cells and enable users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step in a way that is gentle to live cells.  We serve researchers and scientists in a wide range of applications, including cell line development and engineering, CRISPR and iPSC cloning, single cell genomics, cell and gene therapy, antibody discovery, rare cell isolation, single cell mass spec, and synthetic biology.  Learn more at, and follow us on LinkedIn.

About SingLab Technologies Pte Ltd

SingLab is a specialist Singapore distributor of advanced analytical instruments, molecular and cell biology research products, GMP grade reagents for biologics, immunotherapy, and diagnostics R&D. We provide our academic, biotech and biopharma product suppliers with knowledge-based sales and marketing, and customer support, at the heart of bioscience investment in the South East Asia region.  Learn more at