Namocell Expands to Korea with MDxK Distribution Deal

Mountain View, Calif., (July 10, 2018) – Namocell recently announced that it has signed two separate distribution deals for its Namo Single Cell Dispenser tool with MDxK in South Korea and with Bioké in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The firm’s microfluidic-based cell platform dispenses single cells into a 96-well plate in less than a minute.

“The market has been waiting for a high-performance single cell dispensing and sorting instrument that is user-friendly and cost-effective,” MDxK CEO SungBo Shim said in a statement. “We believe the Namo Single Cell Dispenser is the perfect fit for the rapidly growing applications such as cell line development and single-cell genomics in Korea.”

Koos Kranenborg,Bioké’s director of marketing and sales, also noted that Namocell’s instrument is “extremely user-friendly, gentle to the cells, and can handle very low sample volume that traditional cells cannot handle.”

NamoCell previously signed a distribution deal with Tomy Digital Biology in June to distribute its dispenser technology in Japan.

About Namocell

Namocell is a leading provider of single cell sorting and dispensing platforms to advance single cell research and development.  By combining flow cytometry, microfluidics and liquid dispensing technologies, Namocell’s single cell dispensers provide the fastest and easiest way to identify and isolate single cells, and enable users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step in a way that is gentle to live cells.  We serve researchers and scientists in a variety of applications, including single cell genomics, cell line development, CRISPR, cell therapy, monoclonal antibody development, rare cell isolation, and synthetic biology.  Learn more at