Namocell Enters the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg Market with BIOKÉ Distributorship

Mountain View, Calif., (July 25, 2018) – Namocell Inc., a leading provider of high-performance single cell dispensing and sorting platforms for life science applications, today announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with BIOKÉ, a business unit of Cell Signaling Technology Europe (CST Europe), to distribute Namocell’s Namo Single Cell Dispenser in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (collectively, the “BeNeLux”) market.

“The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are fast-growing markets in single cell genomics and a number of other single cell related bioscience research fields, with world-renowned bioscience institutions. Namocell is dedicated to providing the fastest way to a single cell. We are excited to bring our Namo Single Cell Dispenser to the BeNeLux market. Our Namo can dispense single cells into a 96-well plate in less than a minute and a 384-well plate in less than 3 minutes. Its low sorting pressure preserves cell viability. Among other advantages over traditional cell sorters, our proprietary cell cartridge makes sterile sorting easy and prevents system clogging.” said Namocell CEO Dr. Junyu Lin. “BIOKÉ is a leading player in the BeNeLux market with a long history of delivering outstanding customer services. We look forward to working with BIOKÉ in serving bioscience researchers in the BeNeLux.”

“We are very excited to bring Namocell’s industry-leading single cell dispensing and sorting instruments to customers in the BeNelux,” said Koos Kranenborg, Director of Marketing & Sales – BIOKÉ. “The market is in high need of an easy-to-operate and high-performance single cell dispensing and sorting instrument. The Namo Single Cell Dispenser is extremely user-friendly, gentle to the cells, and can handle very low sample volume that traditional cell sorters cannot handle. We are eager to bring Namo to researchers to make single cell dispensing and sorting easy for them!”

About Namocell

Namocell is a leading provider of single cell sorting and dispensing platforms to advance single cell research and development.  By combining flow cytometry, microfluidics and liquid dispensing technologies, Namocell’s single cell dispensers provide the fastest and easiest way to identify and isolate single cells, and enable users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step in a way that is gentle to live cells.  We serve researchers and scientists in a variety of applications, including single cell genomics, cell line development, CRISPR, cell therapy, monoclonal antibody development, rare cell isolation, and synthetic biology.  Learn more at