Namocell and MGH Collaborate on Circulating Tumor Cell Research

Mountain View, Calif., (December 16, 2016)  –  Namocell, a developer of microfluidic-based single-cell sorting and capturing platforms, has announced a collaboration with researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital to research circulating tumor cells.

Namocell will work with the MGH team to isolate CTCs and CTC clusters from cancer patient blood samples using its Namo Single Cell Dispenser platform for cell sorting and capturing. Researchers at MGH had previously invented a system called the CTC-iChip to investigate CTC behavior and cancer treatment response.

The collaborators include Daniel Haber, a professor of oncology at Harvard Medical School and director of the MGH Cancer Center; Dr. Shyamala Maheswaran, an associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School; and Dr. Mehmet Toner, director of the laboratory for engineering in medicine at MGH and a professor of biomedical engineering at HMS.

A similar collaboration between Namocell and a researcher at Stanford University was announced earlier this year.

About Namocell

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