Single and Bulk Cell Sorting Made Fast and Easy With Hana

Enhance your laboratory workflow with the Hana Single Cell Dispenser, your go-to benchtop solution for precision single cell sorting. Act now to dispense single cells swiftly and accurately into 96- or 384-well plates in less than 7 minutes.

Hana integrates the power of cutting-edge microfluidics, flow cytometry, and liquid dispensing technologies for automated single cell dispensing. Use it for a myriad of applications, including cell line development, cell engineering, single cell genomics, monoclonal antibody production, synthetic biology, and isolating rare cells such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating fetal cells (CFCs).

Equipped with a single 488 nm laser, the Hana Single Cell Dispenser  makes for an affordable, user-friendly experience. This zero-maintenance, intuitive device requires no special training, making it an ideal addition to your laboratory toolkit. Take the first step towards streamlined, efficient single cell sorting today.

Looking for a broader range of colors for fluorescent detection? Explore our Pala Single Cell Dispenser.

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Namocell, a Bio-Techne Brand

A Bio-Techne Brand

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers are now a Bio-Techne brand. Get all your research, development, analytical, and QC needs from a single provider committed to excellence in life sciences. 

Together, we unlock the possibilities of science. 

How Can Hana Help My Cell Sorting Workflows?

The Namocell Hana and Pala Single Cell Sorters drastically reduce overhead time, achieving single cell isolation in as little as 7 minutes.

It takes a long time to set up and run a sorting experiment using FACS.

Bio-Techne’s Hana Single Cell Dispenser offers walk-up usability. Start sorting after a short system initialization that takes less than 5 min. Switch samples within a  minute, and give about two minutes for system shutdown. By completing your sorting run in as little as 7 minutes, you’ll get back invaluable time.

Chart comparing FACs and Namocell demonstrates how gentle cell sorting with Namocell single cell dispensers yields more viable cells.

I get few viable clones from cells sorted using a FACS machine, making it challenging for downstream screening of desired clones.

The Hana system is microfluidics-based and employs very low pressure (<2 psi) for cell sorting, in contrast to high pressures (30-70 psi) typically used by conventional FACS sorters. High sorting pressure can cause stress, structural damage and even death of cells, leading to poor clonal growth and, potentially, altered biology. The figure on the left shows a comparison of expression levels of cellular stress response genes between cells sorted by  FACS and Hana. Cells sorted with a FACS instrument showed elevated expression of cellular stress response genes such as Ubiquitin C (Ubc), likely owing to high-pressure sorting conditions, suggesting cells undergoing cellular stress. Because the Hana system uses low pressure, cell viability is contained during sorting.

The Hana Single Cell Dispenser is an affordable system that’s budget friendly for smaller labs. It’s compact size easily fits into your tissue culture hood for sterile cell sorting.

I use a FACS sorter at our core facility which is in a different building. This is inconvenient and delay often happens, adding uncertainty to my experiment outcome.

Hana is an affordable system that’s budget friendly for smaller labs. It’s compact size easily fits into your tissue culture hood for sterile sorting. You can prepare your cells and easily isolate them at the same workstation, enabling full control of your workflow.

Pala and other single cell sorters from Namocell utilize disposable microfluidic cell cartridges specifically designed for sterile single cell isolation.

I’m concerned about cross contamination as I’m using a shared device.

The Bio-Techne single cell sorters including Hana utilize disposable microfluidic cell cartridges. Specifically designed for sterile isolation, each cartridge is a closed system, preventing cross contamination and aerosol formation. 

The Hana single cell dispensing system is automated and easy-to-use with fast workflow time with zero to minimal maintenance requirements.

It takes specialized staff to operate and maintain a FACS instrument.

The Hana system is automated and easy-to-use with fast workflow time with zero to minimal maintenance requirements. It doesn’t require extensive training or specialized expertise to run the instrument. Anyone can run it with a 2-4 hour training!

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