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Hana Single Cell Dispenser

Fast, Gentle and Easy Fluorescence and Light Scatter Based Single Cell Isolation

  • Fluorescence and light-scatter based sorting and dispensing
  • 488 nm excitation and 4 detection channels
  • Sort primary cells, cell lines, nuclei, protoplasts, bacteria, yeast, algae and more
  • Fast single cell isolation: 96-well plate in 1 min, 384-well plate in 6 min
  • Low sorting pressure (<2 psi) preserves cell viability and integrity
  • Work with a wide range of sample input starting from 100 cells
  • Isolate rare cell populations <0.1%
  • Disposable cell cartridge maintains instrument sterility and prevents sample carry-over
  • Small footprint fits inside cell culture hood

The Hana Single Cell Dispenser makes single cell isolation and sorting effortless. This benchtop instrument uses proprietary microfluidics technology that combines flow cytometry and liquid dispensing to sort and dispense single cells directly into 96-well or 384-well plate. It simplifies and empowers a number of single cell applications, including cell line development and engineering, single cell genomics, iPSC and CRISPR cloning, antibody discovery, single cell mass spec, synthetic biology, and rare cell isolation such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating fetal cells. It is easy-to-use, zero maintenance, affordable and requires no special training to operate.

Excitation Laser – 488 nm
Light Scatter Forward (FSC) & Side (SSC)
Fluorescence 2 colors
FL1 533 nm (FITC/GFP)
FL2 585 nm (PE/PI)
Input Sample Volume 100 – 600 µl
Input Sample Density 100 cells – 150M cells/mL
Dispensing Volume 1 µl/cell
Dispensing Format 96- or 384-well Plate
Sorting Pressure < 2 psi
Initialization Time 2 min
Sheath Consumption 18 mL/hr
Dimensions 19 x 14 x 8 in
Weight 22 lbs

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