How It Works


  • Single cell dispensing in 1
    min/96-well plate, and
    6 min/384-well plate
  • 2 min system initialization


  • Low pressure preserves cell viability and integrity


  • Sample density can range from 100 cells/mL to 150M cells/mL
  • Sort cells in culture media


  • Automated initialization and shutdown routines
  • Zero maintenance
  • As simple as a plate reader


  • Benchtop, lightweight
  • Fits inside cell culture hood


  • Low cost of ownership


Namo and Hana let you sort and dispense single cells into 96-well or 384-well plate on your own bench.

Two patented modes for fast, easy and gentle sorting:

  • Single cell sorting mode dispenses single cells one-cell-per-well.
  • Enrichment mode isolates rare cells from extremely large samples.

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Unique Microfluidic Cell Cartridge

  • Low pressure preserves cell viability and integrity
  • Near zero dead volume, high recovery
  • 1 μL droplet prevents aerosol formation
  • No cross-contamination

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